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Saturday, January 1, 2011

what do you think when you look at this picture???
reason beyond picking out this photo is to share my thought of what or how you may see others. it's very simple when i say never look down on others.....

but it's not that simple to actually do so.
it may once or twice or maybe more slipped out off your mind or perhaps it happens accidentally??

you may have thought yourself not to look down or judge people but in a day or two you'll do it. maybe you wouldn't notice it at all...i do admit that it slipped out of my minds not just once or twice, but more than i could think off...

it's never to late to change your perceptions to others but don't let it eat you from inside as if you look down on people, there might be someone in your surroundings might have look down on you too....

do to people what you want people to do to you or in other words what you give you'd get it back~!!

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