to whom i am far apart

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

days past, months go by
your presence around me is no longer true
though you are far apart
your presence lingers here around us
i wish u here
doing things we love most

dearest abah
sir tajuddin mohd yusoff
i've been missing you since you left to Birmingham
can't wait to see you
and spend time with you
deep down this is what i feel
but maybe in reality this is not what i am going to show you

how ego of me

6 heart throbbing words:

ABAH said...

I shed a tear and feel like shedding many2 more..tak lama lagi..doa abah agar our family is always in the best of health dan diberkati Allah.

cheeky caca :) said...

sabar ye cik kama . nnti jmpa la awak ngn ayah awak ^_^

fatin shahar :) said...

very poetic :)

P/S: just following you... :D

aesthetic said...


ainhamzah said...

ain tag awk..
hrp xkisah..

click sini je

mama rose said...

love it


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