what distance i'd go for my other half

Sunday, August 15, 2010

distance kept us apart , seasons changed but i see you in my mind's eye , for all the time that has passed by , regardless of how fast or how slow it may be , these i can guarantee you , i had and have been and will be waiting for you with all the patience that i had in me , for all my patience are only for you , my dear..

the right time will come for you and i to be together , for then i shall treasure it all for every second with you means a fortune to me , and when the time comes , i shall look to none other than you , for you are my precious , i shall forever cherish you and treats you with honor and respect

i am the milk to your cookies , and you are the sugar to my tea
how hard life may be around you , i'll be the shoulder for you to cry on , day and night , till everything turns out OK
i will stand by you like the shore to the sea , for my sacrifices are truly meant for you

though each moments are vague , this i promise you , for if we are meant to be , i shall forever be yours , for God has chosen you to be my other half
we are destined to be together , and so i shall always be yours truly , till the old days and till we are apart , till eternal lives bring us back together for then i am only yours

for this are the distance i would go for you

p/s : i have been thinking a lot about you , i always wonder what you look like , how we'll meet ? i'm always trying to figure these out in my head . no matter who you are or how you may be , i won't mind as long as you promise me that you will take really good care of my fragile heart. will you make me a priority then , love?

4 heart throbbing words:

Hamzah Ian said...

aku tak paham nape contest ni awek je boleh masuk

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

@Hamzah Ian
sbb die nk bg ktorg plak chance~
nk ikot ker??

darkr0se~ said...

hye~ tajuk lagu kat blog aye tu taubatku~ by eren~;) have a happy listening~;)

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

thanks dear~


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