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Thursday, February 17, 2011

assalamu'alaikum w.b.t.

well it's been a while long from my last update and to be honest with you from day to day someone somewhere insisted on new entries . [ duhh , since it takes me too long to update ] however so , i don't really quite have the passion into doing it . excessive tiredness as all my energy were buy out . well , i am in a bit of a rush in participating as well as conducting activities , in which to some would be a modal for you to blog , but for me it's otherwise .

i'm quite sure that not so many of you people seems to know me well or shall i just say knew me at all . i am indeed an ordinary person as per everyone in this beautiful world . well , despite all that fact , let's just make an introduction about myself .

name given was nur kamariah . born in the year of 1987 . so i guess you shall all by now know that i am 24 in the year 2011 . pure malay and brought up in selangor my entire life . will tell you more about my blog soon . patience my dear . 

however , if you'd wish to know whether it's me or whoever that tends to bug in your blog , i'll be in with the name kamaryeah . however , people who had been with me for quite some time are more fond of calling me by the name 'mar' . well , to be honest with you all , i have never been called 'mar' for my entire life until i started blogging last year . so i guess it kinda fit me here and maybe not the real world . and please please please don't simply pronounce my name as "kamar-yeahh" . 

okay then i would not like to make a fuss much about myself since i'm not so fond of it but just as a quick introductory post of myself since there might be some new people stopping by saying buzz hello . so till my next post , i shall say see you soon and thanks for dropping by . and nice to be friends with all you people out there . again thanks with lots of love . 

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Bulan said...

cute je kama ;)

Che Kay said...

Hi Che Kem! blog Che Kem soooo cute! macam tuan dia. hehehe

Btw Che Kay tengah hilang ingatan sket. Che Kem masa diploma satu batch dengan Rahmat ke? Semalam ada junior diploma nama Jiha masuk keje kat tempat Che Kay. Dia kata dia batch atas Rahmat. i still dok recall ye. hehehe

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

thanks bulan~
i'm flattered~

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

@Che Kay
thanks che kay setia singgah~


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