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Sunday, February 20, 2011

we are beings of complex feelings and unfortunately , most of them are negative . we feel anguish , vengeance , hatred , and most of all sadness . we start wars based on what we feel .  we function on our emotions and our emotions have highs and lows . 

well , what if they could be channeled ? what if the pain over a failure could be mended , if the umbrage against another could be cleansed , if the human soul could be healed , would the world be a better place ? 

nothing is super about superheroes . in real life , there is no fighter of good to help you from your issues . because in reality the real danger in lives is yourselves ; you're these little bundles of emotion that constantly change the way you perform , the way you behave , the way you live . 

- map , fire , knife , key and mystery item -

being part of the team , my special ability would be reading emotions and channeling them . i'd grab onto all the negative feelings that build up in the human soul and filter them , leaving only the positive emotions . 

 i'd shed light on people's past and brighten their future – one person at a time . thus doing so would allow me to actually create rooms and spaces for us to escape as reality is not where we were belong to but only where we'd been bound and trapped . my abilities combined with the girls would definitely draw everyone away from harming us , cause if they do , they'll pay for it . 

so , you better watch out . get out of our way and you'll be spared . 

Sucker Punch

well there goes . 

This March, 65 lucky Nuffnangers and their guests will have the opportunity to watch Sucker Punch 2 days before its official premiere in Malaysia, thanks to Warner Bros. Pictures! Details of the screening are as below:
Date: 22 March 2011 (Tuesday)
Time: 9 pm
Venue: GSC 1 Utama

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