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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

assalamu'alaikum w.b.t.
hope you had a wonderful day despite everything that goes around your daily routine . 

wasn't thinking of much today . as you can see , today it's a bit thrilling for me as i would like to have my own point of view on this 'common' matter that maybe most people seem to close an eye to it . 

-forgive me for this is just as an example-
what the f***ing are you doing there ??
stop b*t*hing  girl !!

is it weird to say that modernizations may have side - effect on the manners ??
or is it some other reason beyond that??

well that is not for me to say . it's just that the more modern it becomes the less the manners are . i'm sorry if what i point out here may have or could have been wrong or hurt your feelings in a way or two . but as mentioned earlier , it is just indeed my point of view . 

well , let's just say you have someone close to you having such bad manners . what would you say or what would you do ?? do you feel proud of it or do you feel ashame of it ??
let's put it this way , will you marry someone with bad manners ?? or would you be a father or a mother whom their child is said to have bad manners ??

i know that this matter regarding manners has not been quite an issues nowadays , but it just seems that we have not set a limit or boundary in our life . it is noted that it's your life but however so , it still revolves around people . and just so you know , not everyone can accept such manners . 

i dare you to do it in front of your parents . what would they do to you if they knew ?? they had done their very best to raise us , so why spoil it ?? i shall leave that to you to decide . but do read this and open up your mind and evaluate yourself . 


p/s: forgive me if it's too offensive~

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ARC™ said...

hmmm I still dont get yr point. All I can read was bad manners are not good, and people need to set limit etc

but what is your point exactly, what is the story behind all these? what makes this post so offensive?

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

well you won't find it offensive if you're not one with bad manners...

coz to those who are, they would say that it's up to them to decide and won't take this easily...


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