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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

assalamu'alaikum w.b.t. and a very pleasant day everyone . 

well , i have been struggling with my final paper these past few days . however so , i tried my very best to buy some time to actually do some blogwalking . however , it is not as often as any other days . well , as though  little time were occupied for this process , i am fully blessed with great friends like all of you .

it is not necessary for me to wait for friendship day to acknowledge all you people , right? 

first and foremost , i shall say my thanks to everyone who came by wishing me luck and the very best for my final papers . hopefully all their prayers are granted . there's a lot of names if i want to mention all but biggest thanks to cha as she actually created a post wishing good luck with my name in it . you really made my day . 

secondly , i would like to thanks atika aula for presenting me with the followers award . and here are the awards

well , what are life without friends , right ? why wait when you should acknowledge your friends every now and then . hopefully this friendship we built will last for eternity . 


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baik tp kdekut (bak kte owg tu la...) hihi.. said...

aik... ni je... br ingt nk bc pjg2.. hihihihi.. =P

btw, nice color n layout, baru la x pening nk bace..

mista saypool said...

it is always true to appreciate friends rite...and it is seems that they also appreciate you....
congratulation for the award...heheh

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

@baik tp kdekut (bak kte owg tu la...) hihi..
thanks eh~
for reading n complimenting~

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

@mista saypool
hey hey~
thanks mista saypool~

SyahadaSubri said...

halu bebeh!just have the time to bw...hehe...tq dear..even we barely know each other...i do really appreciate our virtually friendship :)

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

true dear~
i am so grateful for meeting you~
and hope this will last~


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