award of the month

Thursday, April 28, 2011

assalamu'alaikum w.b.t. and a very food day to all

first and foremost thank you for your continuous support to my blog . i am deeply thankful to everyone that have been really kind towards me . 

well , this is for the purpose of not letting my friends down , especially those who'd present me with the award recently from the past months . thank you for the award and i shall my very best to keep our friendship long and strong .

the first award was from diary iera pinkgu . well , thanks dear for the cute teddy award . am so happy with it . well , i do hope the friendship will last forever .

second award was from cahaya azyla . all i can say is that the blog is lovely . combined with a friendly owner i find it very interesting . 

and last but not least , the third award was from sapi unyu!! if you do visit this blog , you'll be welcomed by two cute cow and i find that very cute and different from any other blogs . 

so i guess that is it for now . thanks again to all the lovely bloggers for the award and do pay a visit to them . well that's it then .


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