mujhse dosti karoge

Monday, May 23, 2011

assalamu'alaikum w.b.t. and a very good day to all

mujhse dosti karoge?

well , wondering what it means ?? translating the sentence to English brings the meaning of will you be my friend ?? so , will you be my friend though i was no longer active with my blog . though i am just a no one that seems to have nothing special .

Will You Be My Friend?
- James Kavanaugh
There are so many reasons why you never should:
I'm sometimes sullen, often shy, acutely sensitive,
My fear erupts as anger, I find it hard to give,
I talk about myself when I'm afraid
And often spend the day without anything to say

But I will make you laugh
And love you quite a bit
And hold you when you're sad.
I cry a little almost every day
Because I'm more caring than the strangers ever know,
And, if at times, I show my tender side
(The soft and warmer part I hide)
I wonder
Will you be my friend?
A friend
Who far beyond the feebleness of any vow or tie
Will touch the secret place where I am really I,
To know the pain of lips that plead and eyes that weep,
Who will not run away when you find me in the street
Alone and lying mangled by my quota of defeats
But will stop and stay - to tell me of another day
When I was beautiful. 
Will you be my friend?
There are so many reasons why you never should;
Often I'm too serious, seldom predictable the same,
Sometimes cold and distant, probably I'll always change.
I bluster and brag, seek attention like a child.
I broud and pout, my anger can be wild,
But I will make you laugh
And love you quite a bit
And be near when you're afraid.
I shake a little almost every day
Because I'm more frightened than the strangers ever know

Will you be my friend?
For no reason that I know
Except I want you so.
do really hope that the bond we've created will not break till eternity . may we be blessed .

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Cik Yana said...

Terkejut tengok tajuk entry. Ingatkan nak karang dalam bahasa hindustan pulak. Hehehe~

Cik Yana perlukan VOTE korang yang baik hati :)

naem glizzy said...

mujhse dosti karoge? hiks..

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

@Cik Yana
saje wat tajuk lain sket~
so will you be my friend??
hope you do~

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

@naem glizzy
my answer to you would be yes~
what about you??

..hizamirahim.. said...

friends forever.
& i'm missing my old friends.
dah lama x jumpe.

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

guess they would definitely understand the circumstances kan~
well friends forever~

Bella One ♥ said...

dah lama tak blogwalking sini.
agak bz. =)
terkejot bace tajok entry akak.
ingat kan akak dah blogging dalam bhs hindustan plak. hehehe.

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

@Bella One ♥
thanks singgah dear~
saje ubah style tajuk post nie~


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