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Sunday, May 1, 2011

assalamu'alaikum w.b.t. and happy labor day

 i'm sure that many of you had great plans for the day . well , for me there isn't one . i am still planning one though . let's just say that my days have not been great , just not yet until i checked my nuffnang accounts . i've never done any checking for the past few days since my recently receive buffered earning . 

so , when i finally checked them out , it was like a knock in the head when i've seen that i've rceived another two buffered earnings from nuffnang . well , that quite made my days . alhamdulillah for the ads .

this time around it is from ADIDAS CLIMA COOL and MAMIL GOLD

well as such opportunity

16 heart throbbing words:

aqishah said...

bestnya cam mana nak dpt BE ek? susah ke nak dpt

Cik Aish said...

waaa bestnya...kumpul kumpul!! hehe

Jom baca: Blogging pun ada BFF?Mestilah!

Tuan Auz said...

Kama camne nk dapat duit tru nuffnang tu?

thomas said...

wow! so many BE,i don't even have one right now.

Aida Omar said...

wah!! hihi.. rezeki..rezeki.. :)

Izzuddin Fauzi said...

wow... da lme da x dpt :(

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

xtentu lah dear~
maybe dia ikut trafik kot~
tp yg sure selalu2 lah update profile kat nuffnang~

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

@Cik Aish
insyaAllah dear~
tengah mengumpul lah nie~

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

@Tuan Auz
owh just ketak die punya ad jer dear~
then tggu ade klik dr org~
then u'll get the money~

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

not 2 worry~
you'll get it one day or another~

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

@Aida Omar
alhamdulillah dear~

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

@Izzuddin Fauzi
nnt dpt lah tue~

YobSumo said...

wah seronok sakan lah ni! my blogspot dah tak dapat buffered dah :( lama sgt tak update kot. taknak plak drg kasi :'(

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

xpe yob~
nnt insyaAllah dapat tue~
not 2 worry kay~

MJ said...

rezeki tue

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

thanks mj~


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