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Saturday, July 9, 2011

assalamu'alaikum w.b.t. and a great weekend to all

i guess today i'd like to share with everyone about three fresh-faced teenagers whom was born to have a talent of a pop-opera singers known as il volo .

piero barone ( 17 years of age - top left ) , ignazio boschetto ( 16 years of age - top right ) , and gianluca ginoble ( 16 years of age - bottom ) first met on the second edition of the italian music competition show . they continued to perform together under the names of the tryo , il trio , and finally il volo . 

“il volo” which brings the meaning “flight” was chosen to signify the fact that these three young tenors were about to spread their wings and fly . gifted with astonishing vocal talent , these three young singers’ take on a range of both new and traditional , classically influenced pop songs .

they may be young , but il volo’s mission is clear : “we want to share our love for this music with people all over the world , including kids our own age” . that they say “would be our dream come true” .

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they are actually really good~
especially at their age~


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