malaysia vs singapore

Thursday, July 28, 2011

assalamu'alaikum w.b.t. and great day to all

tonight is a big night for our malaysian team #HarimauMalaya . it is the night where hopes are up high for success . and so tonight we shall see .
well , i am pretty sure that each and everyone of us , the citizens of Malaysia are very excited to be part of tonight's match . despite of who you are or where you are , let it be live at stadium nasional bukit jalil or live on tv .

losing in the first leg doesn't mean #HarimauMalaya is gonna lose the second leg . they are going to fight and this time they will fight well . 
so what's your guess ??

let's us all not lose hope . all we need is a winning of 2 - 0 . but for as long as winning score by 2 , #HarimauMalaya is in .

they shall prove their strength tonight . let us hope that they will put up a fight so we'll marched to the next round or in fact be part of world cup 2014 .

we forever support #HarimauMalaya no matter what the results are tonight . we must never forget that anything is possible in the field . 

however so , let us all pray that the winning spirit is on #HarimauMalaya . insyaAllah .


malaysia's still behind with aggregate 3 - 5 after the 1st half . come on #HarimauMalaya . u can do it . wake up and show 'em who's boss !!

update 2!!
the game ended with a tie of 1 - 1 . however #HarimauMalaya lose with aggregate of 4 - 6 and did not manage to proceed to the next round . even so , we saw what we saw , and #HarimauMalaya had done their very best . so , congratulations to #HarimauMalaya . and not to forget to the hero of the night , khairul fahmi and safee sali .

we heart u always #HarimauMalaya

6 heart throbbing words:

relevan said...

Malaysia boleh :) \o/

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

malaysia pasti boleh~

Hans said...

malaysia walau kalah tapi bermaruah
lepas nih sokong skuad olimpik plak

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

full support for malaysian team~
x kire ape sport sekalipon~

Aida Omar said...

walaupun malaysia kalah.. orang luar mengutuk malaysia...malaysia tetap di hatiku :)

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

@Aida Omar
teramat sangat lah setuju~
biar ape yg orang kata..
malaysia ttp tanah tumpah darahku~


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