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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

assalamu'alaikum w.b.t. and a very pleasant day everyone

a very quick question

how many of you actually enjoy drinking bubble tea ?? well , if yes , have you heard of chatime ?? well if YES , than that's great !! but if the answer is NO , well let's just say that this is your biggest opportunity to try them out

let's just say it's a lucky day for everyone , nuffnang bloggers precisely . 

WHY ??

well , haven't you heard of it or seen it for yourself . there's an offer going on for a teatime session with nuffnang at chatime , and the next best thing is a special offer by chatime republika . 

every nuffnang bloggers are entitled for a BUY 2 FREE 1 deal ! all you have got to do is log on to your nuffnang account and look out for a bubble tea icon labelled as "chatime republika special" . 

click on the icon and your voucher will pop out . name and set of number is listed specifically for you on the voucher (thus not allowing for double redemption - just a blank guess) . all you have got to do is print them and redeem it at the outlet . 

well , to that i would love to thank NUFFNANG as well as CHATIME REPUBLIKA for this marvelous deal .

20 heart throbbing words:

laskar pelangi said...

hye dear=)
sihat? lama tak singgah sini.pelangi pun dapat voucer tu :)

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

@laskar pelangi
hye dear~
alhamdulillah sihat~
what about you??
mmg semua org dapat..
just redeem dgn tak jer..
tue yg post jugak at sini~
sebab klau x rugi~

aisya said...

tak pernah lg try bubble tea chatime ni. Sedap x sis.. =)

Umie Artoqiemie said...

malangnya aku jauh kat sarawak :( wuwuwuwu.

Daniel Chiam said...

okay... maybe i should really be joining nuffnang now =.=

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

so far yg pernah dirasa sgtlah sedap~
go n try dear~

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

@Umie Artoqiemie
mb blh suggest nuffnang cari something to offer those in sabah sarawak kan~

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

@Daniel Chiam
well i suppose that is a great idea~
join and grab coming offer~

tiefazatie said...

comel x blog ifa nie..hehee..tq dear..
blog kamu dh biru la!hee

Judiene said...

Hey there Miss Kamaryeah.
I've tagged you in one of my entry.
It's an entry about the contest I'm joining in.
Just so you know.


Juliet_iRa~" said...

xbyk kiosk dia la dear...

leceh ckit..:)

jom join my GA..

eRza farEeha said...

hye kamaryeah..heee..
mcm best je..:)

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

comel yg amat~
tanks drop comment btw~
btw alhamdulillah sihat~

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

will look into it okay~

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

somehow the weakness is to the outlet location~
but hoping something like this will be held soon~

btw insyaAllah will look into it~

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

@eRza farEeha
hye dear erza~
memang best~
bukan macam2 lagi....hee~

iszieylyanziy said...

alaaa,,,jauh2x,,rugi la,,is pon dpt

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

practically semua members dapat kot~
just dapat pergi dengan x jer~
mane tau isz turun kl ke..
dlm tempoh 3 bulan nie blh redeem~

ChaCha said...

tak dpt sbb glit stat problem..huhu..

# miss u darl :)

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

lorh yeke~
glit blh ade problem??


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